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Fun Facts | WholeMe

30 Fun Facts About WHOLE ME, Inc.


Fun Fact #30: Did you know… WHOLE ME, Inc. was established in 2003 to provide support for Deaf and hard-of-hearing children and their families. Before 2003, there were no on-going after school programs for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children in the Central New York area. The After School Program is one of the unique bi-cultural and bi-lingual services provided at WHOLE ME, Inc.

Fun Fact #29: Did you know… Sign Language is the fourth most used language in the world? WHOLE ME, Inc. offers American Sign Language (ASL) classes and private lessons. In addition to teaching ASL, WHOLE ME, Inc. advocates for the use of ASL within our After School Program with Deaf students.

Fun Fact #28: Did you know… 90% of Deaf children are born to Hearing parents? WHOLE ME, Inc. encourages parents to embrace their child’s Deaf identity and actively engage in communication with their child by learning ASL.

Weekend Fun Facts #27 & #26: Did you know… that most CODA’s (Children of Deaf Adults) first language is ASL? Therefore, did you know… CODA’s are bilingual? WHOLE ME, Inc. offers opportunities for CODA’s to meet and socialize with other CODA’s.

Fun Fact #25: Did you know… Syracuse has a growing community of Deaf Refugees? WHOLE ME, Inc. provides support in their new endeavors learning a new language, going back to school and job placement.

Sydney at WHOLE ME OfficeFun Fact #24: Did you know that 55% of the WHOLE ME, Inc. staff is Deaf? We have Deaf role models working not only in the After School Programs but also at the WMI Office. Don’t our AWESOME Hearing co-workers wish they were Deaf, too?! WHOLE ME, Inc. is proud to lead by example with 6 amazing Deaf individuals! Future CEO of WHOLE ME, Inc., Sydney Tasmin Thomas! (Watch out Chris Kovar!)

Fun Fact #23: Did you know…In the 1960’s, linguist William Stokoe, a professor at Gallaudet University, proved that ASL is an language with its own syntax, grammar and morphology, just like spoken languages has their own rules. http://gupress.gallaudet.edu/Stokoecompliments.html

Fun Fact #22: Did you know…Deafhood is a new concept being embraced by the Deaf Community. The term was coined by Paddy Ladd in 1993. Ladd developed a book about Deafhood, ‘Understanding Deaf Culture – In Search of Deafhood’ in 2003. www.deafhoodfoundation.org

deafhoodSami Goodnough, mentoring in the WHOLE ME, Inc. After School Program, leads by example!

WHOLE ME, Inc. has hopes that one day all our schools and higher education will recognize ASL as a foreign language nationally. When that day comes, we will put on our party hats and celebrate!

mikalya2Fun Fact #21: Did you know…There are approximately 22-28 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the United States. WHOLE ME, Inc. After School Program helped Mikayla acquire life skills and achieve her goals.

deafspaceWeekend Fun Facts #20 and #19: Did you know… “Deaf-gain” was first introduced to the Deaf community in 2008 to emphasize the positive contribution of Deaf Culture to society. As a result, Did you know… the concept of “Deaf space” grew from Deaf-gain which takes into consideration creating an environment that is the least restrictive in communication for Deaf individuals. Deaf Studies Digital Journal. We at WHOLE ME, Inc. are always working to create an environment that is Deaf-friendly for all our staff and clients.

Fun Fact #18: Did you know… that not only does WHOLE ME, Inc. provide After School Programsarah craigs for Deaf students, but that WMI also provides Social Security benefits counseling as well as career and job support for Deaf as they transition to the working world. One of our success stories we featured earlier in the year, Sarah Craig, is an example of hard work and determination on her part to be successful through WMI’s resources!

Bob at ASP 2Fun Fact #17: Did you know… If you have a heart and passion for children, especially Deaf students, please volunteer to come and teach our students a life skill such as cooking, baking, creative arts, or dancing! We LOVE learning new skills and this program wouldn’t as successful as it is without our awesome volunteers. WHOLE ME, Inc. is proud to have amazing volunteers, thank you for all that you do!

Fun Fact #16: Did you know…The word Audism was coined in 1975 by Dr. Tom Humphries, a Deaf scholar currently working at the University of California in San Diego. Audism describes the behavior and/or attitude of an individual, profession, or institution that believes that being hearing is superior to being Deaf. www.deafhoodfoundation.org

audismWill our future generation have to deal with Audism? With advocacy, WHOLE ME, Inc. hopes to change the perception of those who do not understand Deaf Culture and bring awareness of the discrimination that still exists to this day, 25 years after the ADA Laws were passed.

Fun Fact #15: Did you know… The Milan Conference in 1880 was a turning point for Deaf education – it was the beginning of the Dark Ages for the Deaf community. In 2010, the decision milanmade at the Milan conference was rejected by National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED). www.handspeak.com

Every effort here at WHOLE ME, Inc. has been to expose an amazing community, the Deaf Community. It’s time to learn that the Deaf have their own language, identity and culture.

Fun Fact #14: Did you know… Even the most experienced and skilled lip readers can only understand about 30% of English speech. Most words are ambiguous and unidentifiable on the lips. Also, many different sounds look the same on the lips.

Try wearing ear plugs in your ears for a while and see if you can understand just using lip-reading skills. Or turn off the volume on the television and see if you can make out some words. When WHOLE ME, Inc. does workshops, we play a recording for our hearing students of what it is like to be Hard-of-Hearing. Imagine the frustration!

Weekend Fun Facts #13 and #12: Did you know…. You might think that modern-day ASL originated in England, but it did not. It came from France. England has its own version of sign language that is very asllanguagedifferent from ASL. An American who only knows ASL will have a hard time communicating with someone from England who only knows Modern British Sign Language. But a person using ASL has a good chance of being able to communicate with a person using French Sign Language – even if they don’t speak French! Therefore, did you know… A form of ASL has been used in the U.S. for over two hundred years!

Fun Fact #11: Did you know… many famous Deaf people have contributed to our history. For example, “Driven by compassion and a strong sense of purpose, Deaf women have long been fighters for social justice. Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna (1790-1846) was a popular Deaf writer whose work “The Wrongs of Woman” exposed the deplorable living and working conditions of female laborers in London.” Celebrating Deaf Women. Which of these amazing ladies will go on to be the next famous Deaf writer, founder, or business woman?girlsclub

Fun Fact #10: Deaf people have safer driving records than Hearing people nationally. Our own Amber Bourgoin drivinggot her drivers license a few weeks ago, and we at WHOLE ME, Inc. are very proud of her!


Fun Fact #9: William “Dummy” Hoy, was the first deaf player to have a long career in the major leagues. He corrected people when they tried to called him William. Hoy taught his teammates how to dummycommunicate in sign language and the fans just adored him. When he made a spectacular play, the fans would stand in the bleachers and wildly wave their arms and hats—an early form of “Deaf applause.” He stole more bases in his rookie year than either Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb in their rookie years. It is strongly believed that because of Dummy Hoy that baseball now has emphatic gestures from umpires to as well as base coaches to signal plays. Read more about his amazing career and life at Dummy Hoy Homeplate

WHOLE ME, Inc. is excited to announce that there will be a mini-baseball league for the end of summer with the Deaf Community! If you are interested in playing or cheering on the teams please contact us!

Fun Fact# 8: Did you know… Presidents Ford and Carter used the “I love you” sign in the 1976 presidential campaign.asl

Let’s hope that the next President of the United States of America uses the “I love you” sign and makes ASL an official language!

Fun Fact #7: Did you know…Sign Language does NOT ONLY consists of signs. The language has evolved into a rich, complex language that uses the hands, facial expressions, head and body movements, and 3-D space. The five parameters of a sign are:

  1. Handshape (shape formed with placement of fingers, i.e.,: C or 5)
  2. Location (where sign or hands are located in front of your body)
  3. Movement (path or motion of the sign, also speed)
  4. Palm Orientation (which way the palm is pointing)
  5. Non-Manual Markers (facial expressions, body posture, head tilt)

For more information about ASL go to: Eye on Language

WHOLE ME, Inc. strives to educate the public about ASL and the Deaf community by offering ASL classesparameters as well as interaction with members of the Deaf community. Would you like to know when the next event is? Check our home page often for upcoming events.t!

dpnWeekend Fun Facts #6 and #5: Did you know… DPN (Deaf President Now!) marked a turning point in Gallaudet’s history with the first Deaf President? Did you know… Gallaudet’s uprising and protest of 1988 captured the world’s attention? The students and their backers then presented the Board of Trustees with four demands:

1. Elisabeth Zinser must resign and a deaf person selected president;
2. Jane Spilman must step down as chairperson of the Board of Trustees;
3. Deaf people must constitute a 51% majority on the Board; and
there would no reprisals against any student or employee involved in the protest.
4.By the end of the week, the students ended their protest and proclaimed victory. All of their demands had been met and Dr. I. King Jordan was named the Gallaudet’s eighth—and first—deaf president.
History Behind Deaf President Now

eyethMonday’s Fun Fact #4: Did you know… there is a planet called “Eyeth” where you can live in a Deaf world? Come visit Eyeth and find out what it’s like! Visit Eyeth – Home of the People of the Eye!

Fun Fact #3: Did you know… to be given a name sign from the Deaf Community is a honor? Many ASLnamesign students eagerly await the chance to get their name sign and often cannot wait to tell their ASL teachers as well as peers!

 dDeafThursday’s Fun Fact #2: Did you know…” the difference between deaf and Deaf? When deaf is not capitalized, it describes one’s hearing status. When capitalized, Deaf describes those individuals who are proud to be deaf and consider themselves members of the Deaf culture.” Master ASL! Level 1, page 3.

Fun Fact #1: Bob Frank Memorial Golf Tournament is a yearly event that raises money to help support for WHOLE ME, Inc.

Here is a great reminder of why WHOLE ME, Inc. exists!everyone