We appreciate our Community Volunteers

monu and tamlaWHOLE ME, Inc. is proud to recognize Ms. Tamla Htoo and Ms. Monu Chetri as Community Volunteers for local Deaf Refugees. Tamla and Monu relocated to Syracuse, NY from Refugee Camps in Thailand and Bhutan. Both of these young women know first-hand how terrifying it is to relocate to new country and try to learn the language, culture and laws especially when you cannot hear. Deaf children living in refugee camps are widely ignored, isolated, abused and receive little to no education. This had been their experience up until the time they arrived in America.

These experiences would be devastating for most people; however these two young women have found a positive way to use their past to benefit other Deaf refugees in our CNY Community.  Tamla and Monu spend the majority of their time teaching the refugees American Sign Language and helping them to become acclimated to life in a new country. Tamla has successfully become a United States citizen and Monu is in the process, hoping to take the US Citizen Test soon.

Their “Never Give Up” attitude is an inspiration to not only the Deaf refugees whom they serve but to the community-at-large, proving that the human spirit can thrive despite overwhelming hardship. WHOLE ME, Inc. thanks these two incredible young women for being such strong role-models to us all.